Many of our local schools in Hertfordshire are closed today due to the overnight snow.

While some of our neurodiverse children with be filled with unbridled delight and be enjoying sensory bliss, for others snow days can be more challenging. This one in particular may have taken lots of families by surprise as there was no snow when many children went to bed last night and we may not have been able to do much warning or preparation. This unexpected change to an established routine will be distressing for many of our children.

Here are our quick tips for surviving snow days if your children are autistic, have ADHD or other neurodiverse conditions:


Today’s school closures came as a surprise to many but usually we would suggest you begin to talk about the possibility of school closures as soon as it looks like it’s a possibility that it could happen.

Go out and play.

If your child enjoys being outside in the snow, wrap up warm and embrace it.

Staying indoors.

You child may prefer to stay indoors or going outside may not be an option today. That’s more than ok too.

Remote learning.

This may be triggering for you and your child. If you have been set home learning do what you can and remember it is only one day.

Balancing work and play.

Your work and play that is. These days are hard for working parents, try and be kind to yourself.

Ignore social media images.

If you aren’t able to get out in the snow, or if you get out and it isn’t as much fun as you had hoped it would be, remember that all the pictures you will see on social media are carefully curated edits of others people’s snowdays.

Prepare again.

Finally, talk about the different possibilities for tomorrow including that they may be going back to school.