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What is the QbCheck?

The QbCheck is an ADHD assessment tool that can contribute to the diagnosis of ADHD. It is a computer based test for people aged 7+, that objectively measures the three core characteristics of ADHD – activity, inattention and impulsivity. The test taker’s result is analysed and compared with people of the same age and gender, who have ADHD and those who do not. Each test lasts 20 minutes for adults (18+ years) and 15 minutes for children (7-17 years).

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The test taker is observed during the assessment by one of our Chartered Clinical Psychologists. The overall comparative test score, based on robust objective data, indicates the likelihood that the test taker has ADHD.

Please note the QbCheck does NOT provide a formal diagnosis. An ADHD diagnosis can only be made by a qualified medical professional who conducts a thorough assessment, the QbCheck is only one part.

QbCheck is an FDA cleared and CE marked test using well-documented technology from QbTech.

Why have a QbCheck?

QbCheck can support the early identification, assessment and treatment of ADHD. It is important to note that the QbCheck does NOT provide a diagnosis. Only a qualified medical professional can diagnose. It can however be used to support a diagnosis and is often a first step in measuring and illustrating any difficulties the test taker may have in order to aid the assessment of ADHD.

QbChecks can also be used to monitor the affects of medication for people who already have a diagnosis of ADHD.

Who can have a QbCheck?

Children, young people and adults aged 7+. Referrals do not have to come via a health professional. Individuals can self-refer, as can schools and other settings. Each test lasts 20 minutes for adults (18+ years) and 15 minutes for children (7-17 years). Language skills and dyslexia do not impact the test and there is no link between video game experience and test results.

What happens during a QbCheck?

During the test symbols will be shown on the screen. The test taker presses the space bar whenever certain symbols appear. Before the test, the Chartered Clinical Psychologist will show the test taker an instructional video. The test taker will then have an opportunity to complete practice tests and ask any questions. The Chartered Clinical Psychologist will only start the test once they are confident that the client understands the instructions and is able to complete the task. In total the testing and results feedback session will take between 60-75 minutes. The test taker will receive a print out from the test itself plus a report explaining the results in more detail. SPACE does not retain any client records but QbTech holds  data on its systems to use in ongoing research and test development. You will be asked to provide your consent for this during the testing session.

During the test the Chartered Clinical Psychologist remains in the room at all times. Parents do not accompany their children during testing except in exceptional circumstances. They will however be able to stay in an adjacent room.

You will be able to ask any questions you may have about the test and its administration before the assessment begins. You do not need to bring anything with you.

Where does the QbCheck take place?

The QbCheck is carried out under controlled conditions at SPACE’s QbCheck studio in Stanstead Abbots, Ware.

How much is the QbCheck?

The QbCheck including assessment results and report from our Chartered Clinical Psychologist is £225.

You can book your QbCheck with SPACE here.