Supporting families in Hertfordshire

We are an award winning Hertfordshire based charity supporting families of children and young people who are neurodivergent (Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Tourette’s and other neurodiverse conditions.)

Whether you think your child may be neurodivergent, are going through the diagnostic process, or have already received a diagnosis you are in safe hands.

About us

We have been running since 2007 and we became a registered charity in 2017. We are staffed by an incredibly hard-working and enthusiastic team of parents and carers and professionals who are passionate about supporting our Hertfordshire families. Everything we do is designed to help you navigate local services, build confidence, share knowledge and enjoy social opportunities and activities where you, your children and young people can ‘be themselves’.

What we do and the impact we have had in 2022

Support groups
with specialist speakers and informal chats all over Hertfordshire

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Workshops, Training and conferences
both SPACE exclusives and with trusted partners

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Events and activities
social events and bespoke activities including SBLO

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Facebook Group
ask questions, get advice, rant, share success, laugh and cry

Lending SPACE
sensory, practical, educational resources for families

Family Support
helping you navigate challenging periods or situations

For parents and carers

We run groups and activities throughout Hertfordshire – providing advice, support and friendship!

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