Six years ago our younger son was diagnosed with ADHD and autism. 

Whilst I had anticipated the ADHD diagnosis and done research on it, the Autism one came as a big surprise. Being an investigator, I started investigating and I found a small local neurodiversity charity, called SPACE, who provided us with information, support and activities that both my sons could take part in, whether or not they were autistic, along with lots of other similar children and families.

Over time, as we acclimatised to our ‘new normal’ and our lives stabilised, I began helping out as a volunteer for SPACE.  Pre Covid I ran an evening Parent Support group, and I planned and ran a couple of activities for local Cub and Scout groups with the children who used SPACE.  One child at the end of an outdoor skills camp came up to me and said, ‘actually, they’re not that different from us, are they?’  Which was exactly the kind of awareness I’d been hoping for! 

Tal and Glen diving through the sky with clouds underneath them

This month I turn 50. To celebrate I did a tandem skydive to raise funds for SPACE. The only way I can describe it is that it was absolutely terrifyingly brilliant!

You can see the jump here (footage starts about 35 seconds in). There were two cameras involved – the professional camera man and the wrist cam of Glen, the guy who I was strapped to.  I didn’t know till we landed that Glen had a wrist cam – hence me not looking at that camera!

A huge thank you to Tal for sharing her story and raising money so generously for SPACE.

We simply couldn’t do what we do without the active involvement of our families and the local community – it is your support that consistently enables us to help families when they need it the most.

Whether you have an idea or just ‘the wish’ to do something and get involved in fundraising for us, we would love to talk to you – please get in touch.