SPACE Christmas Card Appeal 2021

Help us make a difference to other Hertfordshire families this Christmas.For Christmas, we're asking supporters to please consider donating to SPACE Hertfordshire instead of sending Christmas cards.In return, we'll send you a SPACE Christmas eco-friendly e-card, which you will be able to share with your loved ones explaining that you have donated what you'd usually … Continue reading SPACE Christmas Card Appeal 2021

My 50th Birthday jump for SPACE

Six years ago our younger son was diagnosed with ADHD and autism.  Whilst I had anticipated the ADHD diagnosis and done research on it, the Autism one came as a big surprise. Being an investigator, I started investigating and I found a small local neurodiversity charity, called SPACE, who provided us with information, support and activities … Continue reading My 50th Birthday jump for SPACE

I ran the London Virtual Marathon for SPACE

I took up running in 2016. I was already a semi-regular at parkrun but could be found watching from the side-lines rather than participating – it was my wife, Francesca, who was a regular park runner. One day curiosity got the better of me and I decided to see what it was all about and … Continue reading I ran the London Virtual Marathon for SPACE

#Harley’s 3 miles for SPACE

Harley has known that he is autistic since he was diagnosed when he was 3. We call it his Superpower. He likes to chat and often when we are out and about he may strike up a conversation with someone, tell them that he is 'tistic (as he puts it!) and ask them if they … Continue reading #Harley’s 3 miles for SPACE