Happy Mother’s Day to all our SPACE Families. This is for you:

To the mum putting on a brave face at the school gate,

To the mum up to her ears in forms and admin,

To the mum juggling therapies, assessments, appointments,

To the mum whose child finds days like this hard,

To the mum fighting fights we can’t see,

To the mum who worries about the future.

To the mum celebrating every small victory,

To the mum supporting other mums like her,

To the mum revelling in every small step forward,

To the mum championing, advocating, filled with pride.

To the mum who knows her child better than anyone.

To the step-mums, grand-mums, foster mums.

To all the mums standing resolutely in their children’s corner, loving more than they ever knew could be possible.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Love Team SPACE.