Launched in conjunction with specialist Speech and Language Therapist Sam Amos, who has a clinical specialism in children with neurodevelopmental disabilities, our SPACE to Connect programme of workshops is designed specifically to help children aged approximately 11-14 years who have social communication difficulties.

The programme has been launched in response to feedback from SPACE families looking for ways to help their children and young people practice and learn social communication and friendship skills in order to help them build more fulfilling relationships with their peers.

After an initial online workshop for parent/carers the programme will consist of 4 face-to-face sessions with a maximum of 8 young people. During these group sessions they will take part in fun, engaging, age appropriate activities to

  • promote self-awareness and self esteem
  • increase awareness of and practice using body language such as facial expressions, posture, gesture and proximity
  • develop conversation skills such as starting a conversation, listening, taking turns and ending a conversation
  • Learn how to be a friend, such as how to build trust, how to show friendship and how to make compliments

Karen Spencer, SPACE’s General Manager said “We know from often difficult personal experiences how our autistic and ADHD children can be misunderstood. We are offering the opportunity for a group of children and young people to be supported with communication and social skills in the hope this will be really helpful to build friendships and communication skills.”

SPACE to Connect starts on Wednesday 15th September. You can find out more and book here

Sam Amos (HCPCreg CertMRCSLT MASLTIP) is a speech and language therapist with twenty years post qualification experience, with a clinical specialism in children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. Sam worked for the NHS as a specialist speech and language therapist supporting children, families, and teachers in mainstream education. Sam is now an independent speech and language therapist. She works with young people with a variety of speech, language, and communication needs, including those with diagnoses of autism, global learning difficulties and developmental speech and language disorders.