I am absolutely loving working with SPACE,  it has honestly opened my eyes completely.  At the beginning of Lockdown one I sat with my head in my hands not knowing how to continue.  It is all about being there, demonstrating, supporting how on earth do you do that online and what is Zoom ????? 

However after a few sessions with my own AlphaBake classes I realised that actually online not only works but brings so much more to the table (sorry the pun) than before. 

I have no allergy worries, everybody is in familiar surroundings, they can cook for the entire family just to name a few. 

But better than that, getting to know the team at SPACE I understood totally the extra worries and anxieties that new classes bring to some children.  Being a mum of an autistic child myself I do have the knowledge and patience to identify a few triggers. 

The monthly classes have been absolutely great but what has been even more amazing is the 1:1 classes, the children that worry about going to new classes, seeing new tutors, trying new activities has worked even better than I imagined. 

By being at home in familiar surroundings, mum or dad close by, my easy delivery of the lesson the children have not only engaged with me but have wanted more!  So so soooo rewarding.

They are so happy that they have made an amazing dinner themselves, parents are happy as they have engaged and dinner is done, I am so happy as I have the best job in the world.   SPACE is amazing and I am very proud to be a part of it.

― Carole, AlphaBake Cookery